Launching a digital-first bank for small businesses.

design system

UX/UI design


ClearSpend is an all-in-one expense management and spend control platform built specifically for small businesses and their bookkeepers. Founded in 2021, the fast-growing startup launched its first product less than a year later.

The opportunity

ClearSpend’s founding team had the vision, technical know-how, and sector expertise, but needed someone to help them bring the idea to life. From a proof-of-concept prototype to a functional product, Nonlocal was tasked with creating designs that made the expense management process simpler for small businesses.

Our approach

Almost a year before the startup officially launched, Nonlocal was working with its founders to prototype a proof of concept for a spend control management platform. Through that prototype, we demonstrated how advanced spend control and expense management tools could be a user-friendly experience suitable for small businesses and their bookkeepers.

With funding secured, Nonlocal was brought on to lead product design from the ground up. We began designing an MVP in direct collaboration with the founding team. As product managers, engineers, and marketers were brought on board, Nonlocal continued to be ClearSpend’s embedded product design team. Not only did we shape the design of the product, we were defining the role of design in a fast growing startup.


In less than a year after its founding, ClearSpend had a functional product and active customers, and was doing 10 sales demos a day.