Open Supply Hub

Making global supply chain data accessible to all.

UX research

UX/UI design


Open Supply Hub (OS Hub) is a non-profit organization that uses open data to map global supply chains. By making quality supply chain data accessible to anyone, OS Hub is addressing some of the biggest issues of our time, including greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and modern slavery.

The platform was launched in 2019 and focused exclusively on the apparel sector. Due to growing demand, the organization rebranded in 2022 and expanded into additional sectors.

The opportunity

To coincide with their new branding, OS Hub needed to ensure that the platform remained user friendly as it scaled to include new types of data and data from a wider range of sectors.

At the same time, OS Hub sought to make improvements to the mobile experience to better meet the needs of users in the Global South. Making data accessible to all is critical to the mission of OS Hub and this was an audience they knew was being overlooked.

Our approach

Nonlocal led a remote research sprint with stakeholders in the Global South to better understand their unique needs and challenges, identify UX improvements for the planned redesign, and gain insight into how OS Hub can create new or different value for this audience.

In close collaboration with the platform’s product manager and development partner, we created a product roadmap for the upcoming launch. After multiple rounds of design, we successfully handed over detailed documentation that would allow their team to make the needed UX improvements and achieve strategic goals in time for the launch of their rebrand.


Keep an eye for the new OS Hub launching in Q4 2022. The improved experience is more accessible, optimized for mobile devices, and offers a myriad of improvements to help people contribute data and discover insights about production facilities and global supply chains for the apparel sector and beyond.